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Donut Run! Golden Churro at Bunners in Toronto

by | May 27, 2018 | Donuts | 0 comments

Bunner’s Bakeshop doesn’t make donuts every day (Saturday mornings only), but when they do make them, boy! do they make them well. I saw the post on their instagram on Saturday morning for the Golden Churro, and it was eating at me all day.  After a fairly monstrous workout at crossfit (I need monstrous workouts to keep eating so many donuts), a shower and a mini siesta, our mission was clear.

We didn’t get there until almost 5, and I was a bit worried that there would be no donuts left.  Thankfully though, there were about 10 still on the rack.  It’s a fairly big place – I haven’t been to the Kensington location before, only their other one, so there may have been more in the back that I didn’t see.

It wasn’t a huge donut, maybe about the size of a hockey puck, but what it didn’t have in size it more than made up for in taste. It was a light and fluffy donut covered in caramel and cinnamon, with a chocolate ganache centre.  I could easily eat more of these, and did bring some home for after dinner consumption they’re gone now ☹.

Bunner’s makes random donuts every Saturday morning.  You can follow them on instagram at @bunner to see whats up any Saturday, and don’t forget to follow us as well @vegandonutrun for daily doses of vegan donut loveliness.

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