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Donut Run! Sweet Hart Kitchen

This Saturday Simon and Carmen hit Sweet Hart Kitchen in Toronto to try out their Donut of The Day.  Saturday was their 1 year birthday and the place was hopping; we were lucky to get a donut at all.  Conversely, they were giving away cake, which was awesome!

Sweet Hart Kitchen is 100% vegan and has a whole collection of treats, from wagon wheels to pizza pockets, and of course donuts.  They have a few counter seats, so you can stop in and have a coffee and a donut, and stock up on provisions for the week.

When we arrived they had a whole plate of donuts available, so we got our free piece of birthday cake, a coffee, and sat down to enjoy the place a bit.  After about 10 minutes I looked back at the counter and saw that there was just 1 donut left!  Being later in the day, no more were coming, so I rushed up to snap it up (as well as the last few wagon wheels, a couple of cookies, and a delicious piece of berry cake).

We shared that last donut.  It was double chocolate – a chocolate donut with chocolate icing – and it was delicious.  Carmen described it as “soft and dreamy”.

IMG 7178
IMG 0893


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