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Donut Run! Vegan Dream Doughnuts in Atlanta

In the west end of Atlanta one can find Vegan Dream Doughnuts, a shop where they make fresh all natural vegan doughnuts every day.

We stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon and met the owner Chaz, a very nice guy! He had three types of doughnuts when we got there, French Vanilla Peach, French Vanilla Hazelnut, and Banana Caramel; available as both donuts and donut holes. He also makes fresh juices, coffees, teas and more.

These were tasty donuts which would go down great with a cup of coffee. Check out the video to see my and Randy’s impressions.

You can follow Vegan Dream Doughnuts on instagram at and don’t forget to follow us as well @vegandonutrun for daily doses of vegan donut loveliness.

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IMG 8287
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