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Day of the Dead Race 2022

The Crossfit Colosseum Gang at the toronto Day of the Dead Race

October 29th: The 2022 Day of the Dead Race

A late addition, the Day of the Dead race just started popping up in our social media feeds somewhere around the beginning of October – actually I think this might be the first time the race had been run in Canada.

After running the half marathon a couple of weeks before I was really looking at it as more of a fun run, and it was great in that we were able to get out a good number of folks from Crossfit Colosseum for the race. We actually had custom themed shirts printed to represent with the gym logo on the front and a Calavera (sugar skull) on the back. (Shirts by .. yeah, that’s one of mine).

There were a few distances to choose from with most most of us running the 9K race.

It was quite a nice course, with about half of it on the Ontario Place grounds, and half of it out along the path next to Lake Shore Blvd and some of the parks.  The final km or so passed  along the waterside of Ontario Place, with beautiful views of the city across the harbour in front of us. I saw more than one or two people stop for a pic.

While it was a little late getting started, it was still daylight at the beginning of the race and dusk only started falling as the final runners came in.  This meant the temperature was pretty decent too – I had come expecting it to be quite chilly – it was the end of October – and had my long pants under my shorts, but thankfully changed out of them before the race began.

We had a good crowd, runners from all skill levels, including a few juniors, and  I think everyone had a good time.

Personally, while just out there for fun I managed to pull of a 5:22/km pace – I definitely seem to get faster as the season progresses.

Getting ready to start the Toronto Day of the Dead Race
Paul and Simon at the start of the Toronto Day of the Dead 9K Race
Getting ready to start the Toronto Day of the Dead Race


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