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5 Peaks Uxbridge, the Last 5 Peaks Race of the Season

Crossfit Colosseum Team at 5 Peaks Uxbridge

Saturday October 1st, 2022: 5 Peaks Uxbridge. 
And just like that its the last 5 Peaks race for the season – and what a race it was!

The weather: stellar.  The course: just right. Challenging, but not too challenging. Hills, straightaways, wide open paths, and tight passages.

As has been my tradition this year, I scaled down from the Enduro to the Sport – not becuase of Covid or any illness this time, but because I was also running a 10K night run later in the day.

I ran this course last year: this year the starting line was in a different location, so it was a little bit different. Same, but different.

The first couple of hundred meters are fairly uneventful: a couple of turns, but mostly clear running, then you start. Then you get into the woods and start going up, and down, and up, and left, and right, and so on.

It feels like a pretty fast course, and in fact I ran my fastest average pace of the year during this one at 6:26/km – the first time I’ve ever broken 7 minutes on a trail race. I don’t focus too much on time running the trail races, but it feels good to beat previous times.

I chalk that up that up to the course being “just right”, and finally being healthy and rested. I think I also get faster as the season goes on.

After the race Chris and I wondered over to the cidery – the race was in the back yard of Slabtown Cidery for our complementary cider – not bad! – hung out for a little bit and then got going.  We’re both running in the evenings night run.

Looking forward to doing it again – you know I’m already signed up for next year!






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