Simon From Toronto

A Great Time at 5 Peaks Heart Lake

Sept 10, 2022: 5 Peaks Heart Lake. What a day!

The race starts with a downhill run for about 250 meters to the point where you start running alongside Heart Lake, and the beginning of the loop – you can see it in the video down below.

Once you reach the bottom you begin a 7ish K loop that takes you by the lake, through the woods, and around the park. The Sport is once around, the Enduro twice, and I can’t remember if they had a grit this year, but it would be 3 times.

At the completion of the loop is the uphill back to the start/finish line – or you loop again if you’re running longer.

The day was beautiful, and we had a great turnout from the Crossfit Colosseum running group, as well a good number of friends from Team Vegan Trails were also on course.

I did the Enduro on this course last year, but opted instead this year to do the Sport – I still haven’t fully got my stamina back from having Covid back in July.

The course has a few gentle slopes, and isn’t overly technical – basically its a really fun run in the trails, one I look forward to going back to again next year.




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