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CMCC’s Back’s In Motion 10k Run was a fun little race on a beautiful day.

Finally a nice day! It had been almost a month since the St. Pat’s day race, which we ran in shorts, and every since then the weather had been somewhat miserable.  Not this day though, it was warm, not hot.  Summer racing is back? Definitely a shorts & Tshirt day.


Put on by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, the race took place over on the East side of the city, next to the College.  It was quite a small field of racers – less than 100 in total perhaps over both the 10K and 5K races; perhaps because we’re still just getting back in the swing after Covid.

The race was a 5K in and out, twice for the 10K, along park trails.  Apparently due to construction the course had been modified from previous years – I haven’t run this one before.

Around the 3K mark there was a fairly lengthy uphill climb.  Not huge elevation, just a long run up.  Once you got to the top there were a series of twists, turns, and turnabouts, so it was not a lot of time to recover and get back up to stride .. until you we got back to the hill in the opposite direction.

It was a good race. It got off to a pretty quick start and was able to maintain a fairly decent pace, averaging out at 5:43 minutes/km, which is exactly the same as the 8K last week at the Spring Run Off. Is this my pace?

Chris and I managed to place 1st & 3rd in our age category.  He’s super speedy with a pace almost a minute better than mine.

Heat was still an issue – even though I was in T shirt and shorts, I got super hot: I can’t strip down much more, but will switch to ankle socks and tank tops soon.





something under 3 min/km.

Simon Browning & Chris Sharpe at CMCC's Back's In Motion 10K Run

Myself and  Chris from the Crossfit Colosseum running group.


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